The children vary in age from three years to eighteen years. At eighteen they are supposed to be educated, and the small sum (15 per year) paid for their education is reduced. The nuns, however, frequently keep some of the children under their care for a much longer period, because a deaf mute of sixteen to eighteen years of age is still unfit to engage in the battle of life; her mental, moral, and physical development are necessarily stunted, and perhaps she may be partly blind and crippled.

The institution has developed greatly, and, in addition to the children who are paid for by charity, there are the deaf and dumb children of gentlefolk, who are taught with the others, but who have their own residential quarters.

In addition are received deaf and dumb children whose parents are able to pay, at any rate partially, for their education. Moreover, the nuns receive and educate, for charity when possible, adults - deaf and dumb women ignorant of all things, and without recommendation from anyone.