Required: One pint of orange-juice. The juice of four lemons. Six ounces of loaf sugar. Two ounces of leaf gelatine. One pint of water. Cochineal.

Put the water and sugar in a clean pan, add the thinly pared rind of six oranges, and the gelatine. Let these cook slowly on the fire until the gelatine is melted, and the colour and flavour are well out of the orange rinds.

Well wipe some unpeeled oranges, cut in half roundways, and with a teaspoon carefully remove all the inside, leaving a case of peel.

Strain a pint of orange-juice and the lemon-juice into the gelatine, etc. Arrange the cases of peel in a baking-tin or box, so that they will keep upright; it is often necessary to pack them round with soft paper.

Pour half the jelly into a basin, and colour it a pretty red with cochineal. Fill some of the orange-cases with red jelly, the rest with yellow. Leave them until quite set. Then take a sharp knife, dip it in hot water, and cut each filled case in half, making sippet-shaped pieces. Be careful not to drag the knife through the jelly, otherwise it will have jagged edges.

Arrange the sippets among natural leaves on a pretty dish.

N.B. - If time is an object, the jelly may be set in a mould, but, of course, it will not be so effective in appearance.