For the caramel:

Quarter of a pint of water.

Quarter of a pound of loaf sugar. For the pudding:

Two eggs and two extra yolks.

Half a pint of milk.

One tablespoonful of castor sugar.

A few drops of vanilla. (Sufficient for four.)

Put the sugar and water in a saucepan, and boil them together until the syrup is a light brown; pour it quickly into a plain, dry mould, let it run all over the inside, so that the mould is coated all over; let it cool. Break the eggs and yolks into a basin, and beat them up, but froth them as little as possible-if they are really frothy, when cooked the custard is apt to be full of holes. Bring the milk to boiling point; when it has cooled slightly pour it gradually on to the eggs, add the sugar and vanilla, and strain the custard into the mould; cover the top with a piece of buttered paper. Put the mould in a saucepan with boiling water to come half way up it, and let the pudding steam very slowly for about an hour, or until it is quite set-the water in the saucepan must only be allowed to barely bubble, for if the custard is not cooked very slowly it will be full of holes.

This pudding may be served either hot or cold.

If served hot, let it stand in the mould for a minute or two after taking it out of the saucepan, then turn it carefully on to a hot dish.

If served cold, let the pudding remain in the mould for an hour or more, then turn it out.

Cost, about 8d.