Required: Two or more bundles of rhubarb. One pound of loaf sugar. Half a lemon. Half an ounce of leaf gelatine. One and a half gills of water. Cochineal. (Sufficient for four or six.)

Wipe the rhubarb, and, if it is at all old, peel it, then cut it into short lengths-there should be enough to fill a quart basin. Put it in a pan with the sugar, a gill of water, and the grated rind and strained juice of the lemon; stir it occasionally, and cook it until it is tender.

Melt the gelatine in about two tablespoon-f uls of boiling water, stir it into the rhubarb, and beat it over the fire for a few minutes; add enough cochineal to make it a pretty colour. Rinse out a mould with cold water, pour in the mixture, and leave it until it is set; then dip the mould into tepid water, and turn the contents on to a glass dish. Cost, about 9d.