Required: Four bananas.

Quarter of a pound of ratafias.

Quarter of a pound of macaroons.

Two ounces of glace cherries.

A few strips of angelica

One pint of custard.

Jam sandwich, or some slices of sponge or other plain cake, and a little jam. A little sherry. About a gill of cream. The whites of two eggs. (Sufficient for eight.)

Peel the bananas, and cut each in four,

Banana Trifle cut the jam sandwich into pieces the same size and shape

Banana Trifle cut the jam sandwich into pieces the same size and shape; arrange these and the bananas alternately in a glass dish, then put in a layer of broken ratafias and macaroons, and a few halves of cherries; on these pour a little sherry; next put in another layer of fruit and cake, and so on. Pile it up well, see that the custard is nicely flavoured, and pour it all over the cake, etc. Whisk the whites of eggs very stiffly, and the cream, until it will barely hang on the whisk, sweeten and flavour it to taste. Stir the whipped whites very lightly but thoroughly into it, then heap this all over the trifle, decorate it with a few cherries and strips of angelica, and arrange, if liked, some quarters of bananas all round the base; these are not included among the ingredients.

Cost, 2s. 6d. to 3s.

N.B.-The boiled custard should be made of the yolks of eggs, while the whites are whipped and mixed with the cream.