Required: Slices of stale sponge or other fruitless cake about two inches thick. Stewed or bottled fruit. A gill of cream or custard. A few shreds of angelica. Castor sugar and vanilla.

Take a small plain cutter about the size of the top of a wineglass, and stamp the cake into neat rounds, then with a cutter about two sizes smallerstamp out a round in the centre of each. Take a sharp-pointed knife and carefully take out the cake from the middle, so that merely a case of cake is left.

Put these cases on a plate, and pour over them a little wine or fruit syrup, just to soak them slightly, but not sufficient to make them soft and lose their shape; the quantity of wine or syrup required will depend entirely on the staleness of the cake. Fill the cases with stewed, fresh, or bottled gooseberries, cherries, or, in fact, any nice kind, heaping them up slightly.

Whip the cream until it will just hang on the whisk, sweeten and flavour it to taste, and heap it on the fruit; decorate the top with a few shreds of angelica, or, if more convenient, pistachio, the touch of green giving a pretty finish to the sweet.

Cost, about 3d. each.