Ingredients: Three-quarters of a pint of port wine. Quarter of a pint of water. One lemon.

Ten sheets of French gelatine. A dozen lumps of sugar. A few drops of cochineal. One clove.

Put the water in a small pan with the gelatine, the thinly pared lemon rind, the strained juice, clove and sugar. Stir them over a gentle fire until the gelatine has dissolved, then let the pan stand at the side of the fire for ten or twelve minutes. N< strain all into the port wine, and add enough cochineal to make it a pretty colour. Rinse out some small moulds or cups in cold water, fill them with the jelly, and leave them until it is cold and set. Dip the moulds into tepid water for a few seconds, and the jelly will slip out quite easily.

If preferred, use less wine and more water and lemon juice. Be sure and add some cochineal, as gelatine always spoils the colour of the port wine.