Principal of Glynde School for Lady Gardeners in Sussex

Illustrations by Miss M. G. Campion

When the logs upon the great parlour fire burn brightly some autumn evening, and work in the garden is at an end, because twilight comes early, who has not dreamed of the gardens that are to be ?

Shadow gardens, maybe, where the strong sun hardly penetrates through densely woven trellis of honeysuckle, sweet-briar, or vines, where only quiet, pale-coloured flowers, white lilies, turquoise-blue anchusa, deep blue and light delphiniums are seen through small openings in the shadow house. Gardens such as these are for thought and contemplation.

Who has not also had wafted recollections of sweet -smelling stocks, white nico-tiana, and longed to make a night garden of these and soft yellow evening primroses?

It is the fashion at present to own a week-end cot-tage, where friends from town, dwellers who take refuge from noise and dust, regain nerve power and happy contentment. How can we help them find surroundings congenial to Walt Whitman's song?

To breathe the air, how delicious 1

I think heroic deeds were all conceived in the open air, and all free poems also,

I think I could stop here and do miracles.

Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons It is to grow in the open air, and sleep with the earth.

The efflux of the soul is happiness; there is happiness. 1 think it pervades the open air, waiting at all times;

Now it flows into us; we are rightly charged. What more peaceful retreat can be offered than a paved court adjoining one of the principal rooms of the house, shaded from powerful sun, protected partially from wind and rain ?

A paved floor is suggested because in our uncertain climate it is the only one upon which it is possible to place chairs after rain. A small portion of the court may be roofed in for shelter from a violent storm, but the larger portion has only a square - mesh trellis, over which charming roses, noneysuckles, jasmines, and other creepers climb, and cast a light shade, without excluding the fresh country air.

A simple suggestion for a paved court, shaded from the sun and protected carnally from wind and rain.

A simple suggestion for a paved court, shaded from the sun and protected carnally from wind and rain.