Another spring decoration is illustrated in which poet's narcissus and the first primroses are used to advantage. A tall, slender vase is placed in the centre of the table, and round it on either side should be two crescent-shaped white china vases. These are filled with wet moss, and the primroses are arranged with plenty of leaves, as though still growing in their mossy bed. The fairy lights used are very dainty. They are the ordinary glass stem lights, but the stem has been covered with green paper and trimmed with leaves, and the bowl at the top has been decorated with large paper petals until it looks like an open blossom. The effect of the light glowing through the petal is charming.

A spring like decoration in poet's narcissus and early primroses

A spring-like decoration in poet's narcissus and early primroses. The primroses are placed in crescent-shaped china vases, tilled with wet moss. The fairy lights, by the aid of coloured paper, are transformed into glowing blossoms