Required: Three eggs and their weight in butter and castor sugar. Three ounces' of flour. One teaspoonful of baking-powder. The grated rind of one lemon. Three tablespoonfuls of milk. A bottle of cherries.

Well grease a plain, round mould. Beat the butter and sugar until they are as soft and white as whipped cream. Beat the eggs until they are frothy, then add them gradually to the butter and sugar, and beat the mixture for five minutes. Sieve the flour and baking-powder, add to these the grated lemon-rind. Stir the flour lightly into the eggs, etc. Add the milk, turn the mixture into the prepared mould. Twist a piece of greased paper over the top, and steam the pudding steadily for one hour.

When cooked, turn it out on to a hot dish, put a neat pile of cherries on the top, and arrange the rest round the dish. Pour the hot syrup over, and serve at once.

The cherries must be cooked in the syrup for about ten minutes to heat them well, and, if liked, a little extra sugar and some flavouring, such as a liqueur, can be added to the syrup. Any other bottled or stewed fruit can be used, if more convenient