Wash the vegetables well in cola water in which a little salt and soda have been dissolved, and then in pure cold water. Cut them up (if necessary), and put them in the inner pan (when the water in the outer pan is boiling), with a little butter, and, in the case of celery, cauliflower, and artichokes, in a gill of milk. Put on the lid, and set the outer vessel (with boiling water in its rim and the inner pan within it), over the flame, and leave it till the vegetables are cooked. Forty minutes is the time usually taken by carrots and turnips (cut in thin slices), fresh peas, asparagus, cauliflowers, celery, and artichokes (with milk) ; 60 to 90 minutes by cabbage, sprouts, and lettuce ; three hours by large Spanish onions. If any juice is over, use it for vegetable stock, or else for sauce. It is the most valuable part of the vegetable.

A double pan cooker, showing water rim and water in lower vessel

A double-pan cooker, showing water-rim and water in lower vessel