A daughter of the late Duke of Albany and a sister of the reigning Duke of Saxe-coburg, Princess Alexander of Teck married in 1904, when she was twenty-one years of age. Many were the stories of foreign aspirants to her hand that were told before her engagement to Prince Alexander, and her marriage gave general satisfaction in England, where it had always been hoped that she might not leave the country to which she was so devotedly attached. Because of her passionate devotion to the work of Lewis Carroll, the Princess, in her younger days, was called Princess Alice in Wonderland. Her Royal Highness is a very keen student of modern literature, a first-rate linguist, and an artist of no mean ability. Of outdoor life, too, o she is exceedingly fond, is a good walker, rides well, and may often be seen driving by herself about the country lanes in a little pony cart. She is one of the latest devotees to golf, but spends a great deal of time helping her husband in his philanthropic work. It may be remembered that Prince Alexander accepted the chairmanship of the Middlesex Hospital, in order that he might continue the beneficent work of his late brother, Prince Francis. The Prince and Princess have had three children-two sons and a daughter,the youngest of whom, little Prince Maurice, died in September, 1910, at the age of six months. Prince Alexander, it will be-remembered, served with distinction in the South African War.

H. R. H. Princess Alexander of

H. R. H. Princess Alexander of Teck

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