Being the daughter of a soldier-the late Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia, who greatly distinguished himself during the Franco-prussian War - great enthusiasm was displayed when the engagement of Princess Louise Margaret to the Duke of Connaught, the popular soldier son of Queen Victoria, was announced in 1878. The marriage took place at Windsor Castle on March 13 the following year, the bride being ten years younger than the bridegroom, who was born in 1850. The Duchess has made herself exceedingly popular in this country, and is one of our most travelled Royalty, for she has accompanied her husband to most parts of the world. She is, of course, the mother of the Crown Princess of Sweden," her eldest daughter having married the Crown Prince in 1905. The betrothals of the Duchess's other two children, Prince Arthur, who is twenty-eight years of age, and Princess Victoria, who is twenty-five, have often been rumoured; but so far they have preferred the parental home at Bagshot Park, Surrey, to any other.

H.R.H. Duchess of Connaught IV.

H.R.H. Duchess of Connaught IV. & D. Downey