Madame Du Gast we can boast of some intrepid lady sports-women in this country, but none of them can point to such a record as that of Madame du Gast, whose life has been full of the most thrilling adventures. A wealthy Parisian widow, the fortune left by her husband has enabled her to indulge in her passion for all forms of sport. The result has been that she has not only become an expert at such mild recreations as tennis, golf, riding, and fencing, but has gone in for racing by motor-car and motor-boat, and confesses that she prefers ballooning to anything. She was nearly drowned while taking part in a motor-boat race from Toulon to Algiers, and such is her venturesome spirit that she one day descended from her balloon in a parachute. Madame du Gast lives in Paris, near the Bois de Boulogne, in which she is usually to be seen riding early in the morning.

Madame du Cast Chasseau flaviens

Madame du Cast Chasseau-flaviens