Artist, traveller, sportswoman, and authoress, Mrs. Alec Tweedie has crowded an amazing variety of experiences into her life, and beautiful home at York Terrace, Regent's Park, is filled with treasures and mementoes. She has travelled through most of the countries of the world, not by rail, but astride a horse; has climbed Alpine peaks on snow-shoes; thinks there is nothing so delightful as ice-boat sailing; shoots and drives with the best - in a word, is a splendid type of the strenuous traveller and sportswoman of to-day. And her wonderful experiences are related in such interesting books as " A Girls Ride in Iceland," " Through Finland in Carts," Mexico as I Saw It," while she displays a keen knowledge of theatrical life in " Behind the Footlights." Mrs. Tweedie lived in her girlhood in Harley Street, with her lather, Dr. George Harley, a physician who added much to the science of medicine. She went to Queen's College, Harley Street - the first college open to women. where presided the lady who has since education in Germeny. Mrs. Tweedie's favourite hobby,apart from travel and writing, is needlework.

Mrs. Alec Tweeoie Photo, Thomson become Lady Tree   and ultimately completed her

Mrs. Alec Tweedie Photo, Thomson become Lady Tree - and ultimately completed her