Required: One pound of Normandy pippins. One quart of water. One pound of castor sugar. One lemon. Cochineal.

A small piece of whole ginger and cinnamon. Quarter of a pint of cream. (Sufficient for eight persons.)

Well wash the pippins. Put them in a basin with the water and let them stand overnight. Next day put the apples, a little cochineal, and the water in a pan, with half the sugar, the lemon cut in slices, and the spice. Cook gently until the fruit about half done, add the rest of the sugar, and simmer gently until the apples feel tender when pierced with a skewer.

Arrange the apples in a glass dish, strain over the syrup. Just before serving fill in the centre of each apple with cream, whipped until it will just hang on the whisk and flavoured with sugar and vanilla.