Required: Four ounces of butter. Four ounces of castor sugar. Four ounces of breadcrumbs. Three eggs. Raspberry jam. (Sufficient for five or six persons.)

Put the sugar and butter in a basin, and beat them with a wooden spoon until they are like whipped cream, then add the eggs, one by one, beating each well in; lastly add the crumbs. Well butter a pie-dish, then shake in a thin coating of crumbs: next put in a layer of the mixture, then one of raspberry jam, next more mixture, and so on, until the dish is full. Put it in a moderate oven and bake the pudding for one hour. Turn it out carefully, and serve with a little jam sauce poured round.

To make the jam sauce:

Put about two tablespoonfuls of raspberry jam in a small saucepan, with the same quantity of hot water and a squeeze of lemon-juice. Bring it to the boil, then strain it round the pudding.