Required: About one and a half pounds of fillet of veal. Quarter of a

Pound of am. Two ounces of suet. One teaspoon-f u 1 of c h o pped parsley.

Half a teaspoonful of grated lemon-rind. Quarter of a teaspoonful of powdered thyme and marjoram. One egg. Salt and pepper. One pint of gravy or good stock. (Sufficient for six persons.)

Cut the veal into pieces barely half an inch thick and about three inches long; beat them with a heavy knife or cutlet-bat to flatten them. Chop up the trimmings of the veal with the suet, ham, parsley, and herbs. Mix all these together, then beat up and add the egg; season the mixture carefully. Spread a layer of this stuffing on each piece of veal, roll it up neatly, and tie it round securely with string. Put the stock or gravy in a stewpan, put in the rolls and stew them gently for about three-quarters of an hour. Any forcemeat that is over shape into small balls; brush them over with beaten egg, and cover them with crumbs, then fry them a golden brown.

Arrange a neat bed of mashed potato down the middle of a hot dish; arrange the rolls on this, and garnish the dish with the fried balls. Mix about a tablespoonful of flour smoothly and thinly with a little cold water, add it to the stock, and stir it over the fire until it boils and thickens. Season it to taste, and strain it ro u nd the dish.

Cost, about is. 1od.

N.B.-If a cheaper dish is preferred, buy "odd pieces" of veal instead of fillet.