Required: Three ounces of cold chicken. One pound of mashed potato. Four or six mushrooms. The yolks of two eggs. One gill of cream. Two ounces of butter. Salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Carefully browned crumbs. Neat rounds of fried bread. Half a pint of Bechamel sauce. (Sufficient for about four.)

Remove all skin from the meat, and chop the latter coarsely; also the mushrooms. Melt about half an ounce of the butter in a small pan, put in the chopped mushroom, and let it cook for a minute or two; then add the chicken, and enough white sauce to moisten the mixture. Stir it over the fire until it is hot through. Rub the potatoes through a fine sieve, add to them about an ounce of butter, a tablespoonful or more of cream and salt, pepper and grated nutmeg to taste. Stir this mixture over the fire until it is hot; then add one of the yolks, after first beating it. Work up the potato to form a light paste. Well butter some small bouchee-moulds, and line them thickly with some well-browned crumbs; then line them with the potato mixture, put a dessertspoonful or more of the chicken mixture in the centre, and cover it over with more potato, smoothing the top over with a knife. Put the moulds on a baking-tin in the oven until the mixture is hot through.

Have ready some carefully fried rounds of bread the exact size of the bouchee-moulds. Arrange them on a hot dish place a bouchee on each.

Heat the Bechamel sauce, add to it the second yolk of egg, and whatever cream is left. See that it is carefully seasoned, and strain it round the dish. Be careful that the sauce does not boil after the yolk and cream are added. Cost, about 2s. 4d.