Like others of our great actresses, Mrs. Kendal - who, on June 27, will take part in the Coronation performance at His Majesty's-comes of a theatrical family. She inherited her histrionic talent from her parents, the Robertsons, her brother being T. W. Robertson, the famous dramatist. Mrs. Kendal was the twenty-second child of her parents. "It is amusing,"she once said," to hear people talk and write about my eldest brother Tom and me playing together as children. My. mother married when she was eighteen, and my brother was born when she was nineteen. I was born when she was forty-eight. So my brother was a grown man when I knew him." Mrs. Kendal, who was born in 1849, made her first public appearance at five years of age, and married Mr. Kendal when she was twenty. Owing to a death in the company, she and her husband had to act the parts of Rosalind and Orlando on their wedding-day, receiving an ovation when they came to the passage: "Will you, Orlando, have to wife this Rosalind?" "I will, as fast as she can marry us." Mr. and Mrs. Kendal have a house in Portland Place, but spend most of their time at their beautiful Yorkshire home at Filey.

Mrs. Kendal IV. Downey dramatist. Mrs. Kendal was the twenty second child of her parents

Mrs. Kendal IV. Downey