As queens of song, the triumphs of women began possibly with Miriam and Deborah. Throughout the ages the voices of women have been raised in unison with men. The woman singer took part in the services of the pagan temples, and had her place in public entertainment before even the first actress trod the boards. There is no sex prohibition in vocal cords.

In more recent times a brilliant array of women singers pass before our mental vision, from Jenny Lind, Christine Nilsson, Titiens, Patti, Albani. to Melba, Tetrazzini and Clara Butt, or, later still, Felice Lyne.

Women can now take the degrees of Bachelor of Music and Doctor of Music at many of the Universities, including London and Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Music grants degrees in music. The first woman to graduate as Doctor of Music was Miss Annie W. Patterson, B.a., R.u.i., in 1889. There are now some forty women who are Bachelors of Music.