Required: One pound of fillet of veal, cut about three-quarters of an inch thick. One egg.

One and a half ounces of flour. Two ounces of unsweetened biscuit crumbs. Lemon-juice. Pepper and salt.

Cut the veal into little cutlets about the size of the top of a tumbler. Beat them out with a heavy knife or cutlet-bat dipped in cold water, and see that they are a neat shape. Put the flour into a basin, beat up and smoothly stir in the egg, and beat the two for a few minutes. Dust each cutlet with a little salt and pepper. Have the sieved biscuit crumbs on paper by you, dip each cutlet into the egg and flour, and then cover it with the crumbs.

Fry the cutlets in plenty of hot butter or lard till they are a golden brown. Sprinkle a little lemon-juice on each, and serve them garnished with slices of lemon and neat rolls of toasted bacon. Strain round some good thick gravy, and hand with them lettuce salad. Cost, about is. 6d.