Chocolate Cake (1)

Two cups of sugar; four tablespoonfuls of butter rubbed in with the sugar; four eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately; one cup of sweet milk; three heaping cups of flour; one teaspoonful of cream tartar, sifted into flour; one-half teaspoonful of soda melted in hot water; bake in jelly-cake tins.


Whites of two eggs, beaten to a froth; one cup of powdered sugar; one-quarter pound of grated chocolate, wet in one tablespoonful of cream; one teaspoonful vanilla; beat the sugar into the whipped whites, then the chocolate; whisk all together hard for three minutes before adding the vanilla; let the cake get quite cold before you spread it; reserve a little of the mixture for the top, and beat more sugar into this to form a firm icing. - Marion Harland.

Chocolate Cake (2)

Beat one and a quarter pounds of sugar and ten ounces of butter to a cream; whisk the whites and the yolks of ten eggs separately, after which mix and beat them together, and add them gradually to the sugar and butter; now add and stir in six ounces of cocoa-paste or chocolate grated and melted in just sufficient boiling water to form a thickish paste; next add and stir in one pint of milk, then add one and three-quarter pounds of flour that has been thoroughly sifted together with one and a half ounces of Royal baking powder; beat all lightly and quickly to a smooth mass and bake in buttered cake-pans in a quick oven; or it may be baked in layers in jelly-cake pans, and filled with the following cream: Take six ounces of sugar, two whole eggs, and the yolks of three more, two or three tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate, one tablespoonful of corn-starch and one pint of milk; beat the sugar, the two eggs, and the grated chocolate to a cream; beat the three yolks and the corn-starch together, and then add them to the chocolate mixture and work all together till smooth, then stir in the milk and cook to a custard; when cold spread a layer of it over a sheet of the cake, on top of which lay another sheet of the cake, which spread in like manner with custard, on top of which place a third sheet of the cake, over which sift finely powdered sugar. - Confectioner's Journal.

Chocolate Cake (3)

One very full cup of butter; two cups of sugar; three and a half cups of flour; one cup, not quite full, of milk; five eggs; one teaspoonful cream of tartar; half teaspoon-ful soda. - Icing: Whites of two eggs; one and a half cups of pulverized sugar; two teaspoonfuls of essence of vanilla; six tablespoonfuls of grated vanilla (Baker's) chocolate; beat the yolks of the five and the whites of the three eggs separately, until they are as light as they can be made; put the cream of tartar in the flour; dissolve the soda in a little of the milk; rub the butter and sugar to a cream; add the eggs, milk, flour, and soda; pour the mixture into a large, shallow pan, well buttered, and put it in the oven. While it is baking make the icing by beating the whites of the two eggs to a stiff froth, and stir the sugar in well; add the grated chocolate and the essence of vanilla; when the cake is done turn it out on a sieve; while hot put on the icing. - Choice Receipts.