Wine Chocolate

Set half a bottle of good white wine, three ounces of chocolate, and one ounce of powdered sugar over the fire; beat the yolks of four eggs to foam, with a little wine, and add it to the chocolate as soon as it begins to simmer; stir it for a few minutes, then take it from the fire and serve. This is an excellent winter beverage. - Dessert Book,

Chocolate Wine

Infuse in a bottle of Madeira, Marsala or raisin wine four ounces of chocolate, and sugar if required. In three or four days strain and bottle. - Confectioner's Four-nal.


Chocolate Pudding (1). Half a cake of chocolate grated (Baker's, two cakes in one package); vanilla to flavor; small half pint of soda-cracker crumbs; butter size of an egg; one-half pint of boiled milk; whites of six eggs; one-half cup of sugar; salt; boil in a mould for one hour. To be eaten hot.


Yolks of six eggs ; one tumbler of sherry-wine; one-half large cup of sugar; beat the yolks very light; put the sugar in the sherry, then heat the wine; when it is very hot add the beaten yolks; stir quickly one way until it thickens to a very rich cream. To be eaten cold. - Choice Receipts.

Chocolate Pudding (2)

For six persons use one quart of milk, one pint of stale bread, four eggs, one ounce of grated chocolate, half a cupful of granulated sugar, three tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, half a teaspoonful of vanilla extract, and one teaspoonfu 1 of salt.

Soak the bread and milk together for two hours; then mash the bread fine by pressing it with a spoon against the side of the bowl. Put the chocolate, three tablespoonfuls of the granulated sugar and one tablespoonful of boiling water in a small stewpan, and stir over a hot fire until the liquid becomes smooth and glossy; now take from the fire and add a few spoonfuls of bread and milk. Stir until the mixture is thin and smooth; then add it to the bread and milk.

Beat the yolks and one white of the egg with the remainder of the granulated sugar; add this mixture and the salt to the bread and milk; pour into a pudding-dish and bake in a slow oven for forty minutes.

Now beat the three remaining whites to a stiff, dry froth, and, with a spoon, beat into them three tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and the vanilla. Spread this meringue over the pudding and cook for a quarter of an hour longer with the oven door open. Serve with whipped cream.

When it is inconvenient to use cream the meringue will suffice as a sauce. If a strong flavor of chocolate be liked use two ounces instead of one. - Maria Par-loa.

Chocolate Pudding (3)

One pint of rich milk; two tablespoon-fuls of corn-starch; one scant half cup of sugar; whites of four eggs; a little salt; flavoring; beat the eggs to a stiff froth; dissolve the corn-starch in a little of the milk; stir the sugar into the remainder of the milk, which place on the fire; when it begins to boil add the dissolved cornstarch; stir constantly for a few minutes, when it will become a smooth paste; now stir in the beaten whites of the eggs, and let it remain a little longer to cook the eggs; flavor the whole with vanilla; now take out a third of the pudding, flavor the remainder in the kettle with a bar of chocolate, softened, mashed, and dissolved with a little milk; put half the chocolate pudding in the bottom of a mould (which has been wet with water); smooth the top; next make a layer with the white pudding (the third taken out); smooth it also; next the remainder of the chocolate pudding.

Serve with whipped cream, or a boiled custard, made with the yolks of the eggs and flavored with vanilla. - Mrs. Mary F. Henderson.

Chocolate Pudding (4)

One quart milk; three ounces grated vanilla chocolate; three tablespoonfuls of corn starch; two eggs; half a cup pulverized sugar: boil the milk; stir in the chocolate, starch, sugar, and beaten yolks of the eggs; bake; when the pudding is cold beat the whites of the two eggs to a froth; stir in half a cup of pulverized sugar; place this frosting on the pudding and serve. - Choice Receipts.

Chocolate Mixture

Five tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate with enough cream or milk to wet it, one cupful of sugar, and one egg well beaten. Stir the ingredients over the fire until thoroughly mixed; then flavor with vanilla. - Mrs. Mary F. Henderson.