French Chocolat Au Lait (Chocolate With Milk)

Place the chocolate, cut into small pieces, in a saucepan over a slow fire, in order that the chocolate may dissolve gradually and not adhere to the pan. When the chocolate is completely melted pour boiling milk upon it in small quantities, and stir rapidly. After adding the requisite quantity of milk let the mixture come to the boiling-point for an instant, and you will have a light and most agreeable chocolate.

Chocolat A L'eau (Chocolate With Water)

Follow the directions given above, using water instead of milk. When the full allowance of water has been added to the chocolate the mixture should boil for ten minutes, and be stirred continually.

Spanish Chocolate

For one cup of chocolate scrape fine two oblong divisions, and fully dissolve it in a very little boiling water. Put one cup of milk or water in a saucepan, and when it is at the highest boiling-point add the chocolate. Allow it to simmer for five or ten minutes, but not to boil, stirring all the time.

The Spanish method of making chocolate is to mix it so thick that a spoon can stand upright in the mixture.

Egg Chocolate

Dissolve the chocolate in boiling water; beat the yolk of an egg to foam in a bowl, and pour the chocolate slowly over it, stirring constantly all the time.

Chocolate, one cake; water, one cup; yolk of one egg.

German Egg Chocolate

Put four ounces of fine chocolate, dissolved in a little hot water, into a perfectly clean stewpan with three large cups of water and one ounce of powdered sugar, and set it over the fire. Beat the yolks of two eggs to foam in a cup of water, and stir them, with fifteen drops of rose-water and the same quantity of orange-flower-water, into the chocolate as soon as it begins to simmer. Let it stand a few moments longer over the fire without boiling, stirring it all the time; then take it off and serve it with biscuit or marchpau. Chocolate, four ounces; water, three cups; sugar, one ounce; yolks of five eggs; rose-water, fifteen drops; orange-water, fifteen drops. Boil up once.

Parisian Egg Chocolate

For three cups of chocolate dissolve three ounces of the best chocolate in four cups of water, and set it over the fire; beat the yolks of two eggs to foam, and stir them into the chocolate as soon as it begins to froth; skim off the froth into warm chocolate-cups until they are heaped full, then hold a shovelful of burning coals to each till the froth is converted to a light crust, when serve.

The chocolate froths better when finely powdered sugar is mixed with the yolks of eggs, and still better when froth-cakes are added, prepared in the following manner: Beat the whites of a dozen eggs to froth, and stir in powdered sugar till the mass is of the consistency of a stiff paste. Mould the paste on a large plate into small cakes, about the size and shape of an ordinary-sized hazel-nut, and dry them in the sun or in a warm room.

As soon as the egg-yolks have been stirred into the chocolate add as many of these cakes as there are cups of the liquid, and continue to stir it until the whole mass becomes froth. Care must be taken to keep the chocolate near the boiling-point, whether on or off the fire, without letting it boil over.

Chocolate, three ounces; water, four cups; yolks of eggs, two. Boil, and mill to froth.