Baker's Premium No. 1 Chocolate

Scrape fine about one square of a cake, which is one ounce; add to it about an equal weight of sugar; put these into a pint of perfectly boiling milk and water, of each one-half, and immediately mill or stir them well for two or three minutes, until the sugar and chocolate are well dissolved. Some think ten or twelve minutes' boiling improves it.

Baker's Vanilla Chocolate

This may be prepared with either milk or water, according to the taste of the consumer. For one cup of chocolate scrape fine one of the oblong divisions and fully dissolve it in a very little boiling water. Put one cup of milk or water in a saucepan, and when it is at the highest boiling-point add the chocolate. Then allow it to simmer from five to seven minutes, but not to boil.

Baker's Breakfast Cocoa

Into a breakfast-cup put a teaspoonful of the powder, add a tablespoonful of boiling water and mix thoroughly ; then add equal parts of boiling water and boiled milk, and sugar to the taste. Boiling two or three minutes will improve it.

Baker's Cocoa-Paste

Put two teaspoonfuls of paste into a teacup; pour upon it a little boiling water, and stir it until it is dissolved; then fill the cup with boiling water, and stir again; add cream or milk, if agreeable. Two or three minutes' boiling improves it.

Baker's Eagle French Chocolate

Into a pint of boiling milk and water (of each one-half, or other proportions if more agreeable) throw two oblong divisions of the chocolate cake, previously cut fine; then boil it from five to seven minutes longer, stirring it frequently.

German Sweet Chocolate

Into one pint of boiling milk and water (of each one-half) throw two squares of chocolate scraped fine; then boil it five minutes longer or more, stirring frequently.

Baker's Racahout Des Arabes

Dissolve two tablespoonfuls of Racahout in a little cold milk. Heat gradually a quart of milk to boiling; add the above and let it boil (stirring meanwhile) until it begins to thicken. To enrich for dessert, add two eggs to the mixture before putting it into the boiling milk. Strain the whole when cooked.

Baker's Broma

Dissolve a large tablespoonful of broma in as much warm water; then pour upon it a pint of boiling milk and water, in equal proportions, and boil it two minutes longer, stirring it frequently; add sugar at pleasure.

Baker's Cocoa Shells

Take a small quantity of cocoa shells (say two ounces), pour upon them three pints of boiling water; boil rapidly thirty or forty minutes; allow it to settle or strain, and add cream or boiled milk and sugar at pleasure.

Baker's Prepared Cocoa

To one pint of milk and one pint of cold water add three tablespoonfuls of cocoa; boil fifteen or twenty minutes. Any other proportions of milk and water make a pleasant beverage.

Baker's Premium Cracked Cocoa

Use the same quantity as of coffee. Cocoa in this form needs thorough and continued boiling to extract its full strength. By adding a small quantity of cocoa daily the consumer will have a highly flavored cup of cocoa at a trifling expense.