Chocolate Cake (4)

One cup of butter; two cups of sugar; three cups of flour; half cup sweet milk; half teaspoonful soda; one teaspoonful of cream tartar; seven eggs. - Chocolate Cream: Quarter of a pound of Baker's best vanilla chocolate; one gill of sweet milk; one egg; sugar to taste. Rub butter and sugar together; beat the seven eggs until they are very light; put the cream of tartar in the flour and the soda in the milk ; mix all well, and bake in four Washington-pie plates. While this is baking scald the gill of milk and the chocolate together; beat one egg thoroughly and stir it in; add sugar to taste. When the cake is done spread the chocolate cream between the layers and upon the tops of the cakes. -Choice Receipts,

Chocolate Cake (5)

One cupful of butter; two cupfuls of sugar; three cupfuls of flour; one cupful of milk; four eggs well beaten; one tea-spoonful of soda; two teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar. Bake in Washington-pie plates. Put a layer of the chocolate mixture between and on the top and sides of the cake.

Chocolate Cake (6)

One cup of butter, two of sugar, three of flour, four eggs, and a cup three-quarters full of grated chocolate. Stir the butter and sugar to a cream ; add the beaten yolks of the eggs, beat well, then the whites beaten to a stiff froth alternately with the flour; beat very hard; stir in the chocolate and bake in one large cake or in square tin pans. - Sara T. Paul.

Chocolate Cakes (1)

The whites of eight eggs; half a cake of chocolate, grated; one pound of sugar; six ounces of flour; beat the eggs to a stiff froth, add the sugar, then stir in the chocolate and flour. Butter flat tins, and drop on the mixture, not too closely, as the cakes will spread. Bake a few minutes in a quick oven. - Sara T. Paul.

Chocolate Cakes (2)

Put the yolks of three eggs in a bowl, with four ounces of powdered sugar; beat them well until slightly consistent, and add to them an ounce and a half of flour, an ounce of corn-starch, a few drops of extract of vanilla, and mix all well together. Beat up the whites of your eggs very stiff, and stir them lightly with your other ingredients. Put it in a cornucopia made of stiff paper, with a hole in the end, through which press it on a pan (on which you have spread a sheet of white paper), and form it into small rounds about the size of a fifty-cent piece. Send them to a gentle oven until they are quite firm; then let them become cold, and cut them all the same size with a small, round cutter. Spread a layer of peach or other marmalade on the half of your cakes, which cover with the other half. Melt about two ounces of chocolate in about two tablespoonfuls of water. Put in a saucepan on the fire half a pound of sugar, with half a glass of water; boil for about eight to ten minutes; lift out some of the sugar with a spoon, drop it into cold water; place it between the thumb and third finger, and, if you may draw the sugar out into a long fine thread, without breaking, you have reached the desired result; then put your chocolate in a bowl, add your sugar, stirring until beginning to thicken. Take as many little wooden skewers as you have cakes, sharpen them to a fine point, stick one into each cake, which dip into your chocolate and sugar, covering it entirely. Put a colander upside-down on a table, and in the holes place the ends of your sticks, thereby allowing the cakes on the opposite end to dry; after which remove your cakes from the sticks, and serve when needed. -Pierre Car on.