Chocolate Meringue

To one quart of boiling milk add half an ounce of isinglass dissolved in hot water; add half a pound of Baker's chocolate, grated; sweeten; simmer until it becomes a rich jelly; stir while boiling. Line buttered pans with rich paste; pour in the mixture; bake until the pastry is cooked; then let it cool. Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth; sweeten; spread it over the pies with a knife; bake a light brown. - Flora Neely.

Chocolate Creams (1)

Soak one box of gelatine in cold water enough to cover it one hour.

Put one quart of rich milk into a tin pail, and set it in a kettle with hot water to boil. Scrape two ounces of French chocolate, and mix with eight spoonfuls of sugar; wet this with two spoonfuls of the boiling milk, and rub with the bowl of the spoon until a smooth paste, then stir into the boiling milk; now stir in the gelatine, and then stir in the yolks of ten well-beaten eggs; stir three minutes, take off and strain; set in a pan of ice-water; stir for ten minutes, then add two spoonfuls of vanilla, and put into blanc-mange moulds; set away on the ice for three hours. Serve with sugar and cream. - M. Parloa.

Chocolate Creams (2)

Inside: Two cups of sugar; one cup of water; one and a half tablespoonfuls of arrow-root; one teaspoonful of vanilla. Outside: Half a pound of Baker's chocolate. - Directions, For inside: Mix the ingredients, except the vanilla; let them boil from five to eight minutes; stir all the time. After this is taken from the fire stir until it comes to a cream. When it is nearly smooth add the vanilla and make the cream into balls. For outside: Melt the chocolate, but do not add water to it. Roll the cream balls into the chocolate while it is warm. - Choice Receipts.

Cream Chocolates

Factitious fondant, or cream, is made by mixing the finest powdered sugar with glucose and a little extract of vanilla in a bowl, and working them together in the same manner as you would mix the whites of eggs and sugar for making icing, only there must be worked in sufficient to form a softish paste or dough that can be rolled into small balls with the hands; these are to be afterwards dipped in melted chocolate and laid on paper until the chocolate concretes. - Confectioner's Journal.

Chocolate Fondant, Or Cream

Take, say, four pounds of sugar, one quart of water, half a pound of cocoa-paste grated, and sufficient vanilla extract to flavor highly. Boil these to the feather, 36° by the saccharometer, 2400 by thermometer; then pour it upon a scrupulously clean marble slab. When it has become nearly cold turn or scrape in the edges, and with a long-handled spatula work it vigorously and steadily to and fro; it granulates into a smooth mass; then with a knife scrape it all together, and break it - that is, work or knead it - with the hands, until it forms a softish, doughlike mass; then keep it in an earthen or stone-ware jar or tureen, covered from the air. It is now ready for any future operation to which you may wish to apply it. - Confectioner's Journal.