Chocolate Charlotte Russe

Having soaked in cold water an ounce of gelatine, shave down three ounces of Baker's chocolate, and mix it gradually into a pint of cream, adding the dissolved and strained gelatine. Set the cream, chocolate, and gelatine over the fire, in a porcelain kettle, and boil it slowly for three or four minutes.

Take off the fire, and let it cool. Have ready eight yolks of eggs and four whites beaten all together until very light, and stir them gradually into the mixture, in turn with half a pound of powdered sugar. Simmer the whole over the fire for a few minutes, but do not let it quite boil; then take it off, and whip it to a strong froth. Line your moulds with sponge cake, and set them on ice.

Chocolate Custard Pies

Simmer one quart of milk ; add a quarter of a pound of Baker's chocolate, grated ; sweeten to taste; beat in four well-beaten eggs. Line deep pie-pans with rich paste; pour in the mixture. Bake in moderately quick oven.

Chocolate Pie (rich)

To one pint of boiling milk add one tablespoonful of rice-flour; the yolks of five eggs, well beaten; a little salt; one pint of cream; sweeten to taste; quarter of a pound grated chocolate (Baker's) well dried; let them boil, stirring; let it cool. Line deep buttered tins, pour in the mixture and bake. - Flora Neely.

Ice Cream (1)

Mix the yolks of four eggs with one pint of boiling milk; one quart of cream; four ounces of chocolate dissolved in one pint of hot water; sweeten to taste; flavor with extract of vanilla. Whisk thoroughly over the fire until thick and smooth; when cool freeze.

Ice Cream (2)

To each quart of cream one tablespoonful of sweet chocolate, to be dissolved in a small quantity of cream (or water) and added when the cream is partly frozen. -Flora Neely.

Chocolate Ice Cream (3)

Prepare a mixture as for vanilla ice cream. Melt four ounces of chocolate in half a glass of water, on the fire; add it to your mixture, strain it through a sieve, and freeze. - Pierre Caron.

Chocolate Ice Cream (4)

Boil one quart of milk; grate half a pound of vanilla chocolate, and stir into the milk; let it boil until thick; add a quarter of a pound of sugar. When cool add one quart of cream ; stir well and pour into the freezer. - The Dessert Book.

Chocolate Ice Cream (5)

To three pints of cream take one of new milk, two eggs, a teacupful of grated chocolate, two coffee-cups of powdered sugar, a teaspoonful of corn-starch and one of extract of vanilla. Beat the eggs, stir them in the milk; add the corn-starch and sugar. Let them come to aboil, take them quickly from the fire; dissolve the chocolate in a little milk over the fire, stir it all the time. When perfectly smooth mix it with the milk and eggs, then add the cream and vanilla; if not sweet enough, more sugar. When cold put it in the freezer.

Chocolate Cream Drops

One cake of vanilla chocolate; three cups of powdered sugar; one cup of soft water; two tablespoonfuls corn-starch or arrowroot; one tablespoonful butter; two tea-spoonfuls vanilla. Wash from the butter every grain of salt; stir the sugar and water together; mix in the corn-starch and bring to a boil, stirring constantly to induce granulation. Boil about ten minutes, when add the butter. Take from the fire and beat as you would eggs until it begins to look like granulated cream. Put in the vanilla; butter your hands well, make the cream into balls about the size of a large marble, and lay upon a greased dish.

Meanwhile the chocolate should have been melted by putting it (grated fine) into a tin pail or saucepan and plunging it into another of boiling water. When it is a black syrup add about two tablespoonfuls of sugar to it, beat smooth, turn out upon a hot dish, and roll the cream balls in it until sufficiently coated. Lay upon a cold dish to dry, taking care that they do not touch one another. - Marion Harland.