Chocolate Caramels (1)

One cup rich, sweet cream; one cup brown sugar; one cup white sugar; seven tablespoonfuls vanilla chocolate; one table-spoonful corn-starch stirred into the cream; one tablespoonful butter; vanilla flavoring; soda the size of a pea stirred into cream. Boil all the ingredients except the chocolate and vanilla extract half an hour, stirring to prevent burning. Reserve half of the cream and wet up the chocolate in it, adding a very little water if necessary. Draw the saucepan to the side of the range, and stir this in well; put back on the fire, and boil ten minutes longer, quite fast, stirring constantly. When it makes a hard, glossy coat on the spoon it is done. Add the vanilla after taking it from the range. Turn into shallow dishes well buttered. When cold enough to retain the impression of the knife cut into squares. - Marion Harland.

Chocolate Caramels (2)

One cupful of best syrup; one cupful of brown sugar; one cupful of white sugar; two cupfuls of grated chocolate; two cup-fuls of cream vanilla; one teaspoonful of flour mixed with cream. Rub the chocolate to a smooth paste with a little of the cream; boil all together half an hour, and pour it into flat dishes to cool. Mark it with a knife into little squares when it is cool enough. - Mrs. Mary F. Henderson.

Cream Chocolate Caramel (3)

Make a six-pound batch of chocolate caram el; pour it out in as square a form as possible upon a greased marble slab (without iron bars); let it spread out as thin as it will, and when it becomes cold run the candy sword under it in order to loosen it from the slab; then mark it crosswise through the centre of the batch, and pour thickly melted fondant over one-half the surface; then take the uncovered half by the end, using both hands, and quickly throw it over the creamed portion. Press this top sheet down upon the other all around the edges, then, with a caramel cutter, cut the batch into small square tablets. In this manner the cream is enclosed in the centre of each tablet. - Confectioner's Journal.

Chocolate Candy

One cup of molasses, two of sugar, one of milk, one-half of chocolate, a piece of butter half the size of an egg.

Boil the milk and molasses together, scrape the chocolate fine, and mix with just enough of the boiling milk and molasses to moisten; rub it perfectly smooth, then, with the sugar, stir into the boiling liquid; add the butter, and boil twenty minutes. Try as molasses candy, and if it hardens pour into a buttered dish. Cut the same as nut-candy. - M. Parloa.

Creme De Cacao

Infuse five ounces of Caracas cocoa-nibs, crushed; one bean of Vera Cruz vanilla, split and cut into small pieces; quarter ounce of cinnamon, and one drop of essence of almond, in one quart of brandy, or deodorized alcohol, for ten days. Strain, press ; then filter clear, and add one quart of clarified syrup. Bottle and cork well. - Confectioner's Journal.