Such an addition to an already well mixed aggregation of formulas, peculiar to the pharmacist, would appear preposterous. In this addition we have two purposes. First, to furnish formulas for a few favorite flavorings for use at the fountain.

*It will scarcely be necessary to add in this connection that by taking advantage of the above suggestions and adding, thereto those given under Soluble Extract of Ginger, one may readily produce a Soluble Exteact of Ginger Ale, etc.

Formerly these drinks were made complete by the formulas given; latterly the first or flavoring parts have been separated and combined with syrup so as to be readily used as are other soda water flavorings.

This may be accomplished by comparing the quantity of the finished preparation, as given herein, and the quantity of syrup it is desired to prepare, with the combined quantity of the flavoring principles in any given formula, and thereby make an extract and syrup for fountain use.

The second purpose is to give a means by which any druggist can furnish his customers the formulas and information necessary for the preparation of the various articles named under this head, without the trouble and time usually required to find them.