Extract of Celery. a

Celery Seed ...................... 2 ounces.

Alcohol, 95 per cent, deodorized, and water, each a sufficient quantity.

Bruise the Celery Seed finely, pack in a small percolator, and gradually pour on a pint of alcohol; then add water until first a pint of tincture and then a pint of infusion has passed; mix these, triturate with a dram of carbonate of magnesia, and filter through paper. As thus made, extract of celery has a light brown color, an agreeable odor and a well marked taste of celery.

Extract of Celery. b

Celery Seed (fresh crushed)......

8 ounces.

Alcohol (Atwood's, diluted 1 to 2).

1 gallon.

Mix and macerate for seven days, and filter.