"It must be remembered that both good ingredients and skillful manipulation are essential to success, with even the best of formulas"

Prof. H. M. Whelpley.

Flavoring Extracts.

Articles Used In Manufacturing

In this, as in all practical operations, a proper knowledge of the articles to be used is of the first importance, and, we might add, is absolutely necessary to the intelligent preparation of Flavoring Extracts.

Much too little is known of the conditions necessary to produce them, by the average druggist. This then will be our first endeavor; to impress this fact is all important.

In order to properly apply this knowledge, a certain degree of thought and care is also necessary; indeed, this will hold good under any condition or circumstance, where mechanical operations are to be prosecuted, and much more so where substances so liable to change are used in the processes.

With these facts firmlv fixed in the mind, the careful consideration of the articles used in the manufacture of Flavoring Extracts may be undertaken.