Green corn does not contain the nutriment that the mature grain does, and is therefore more commonly classed with the vegetables. The same may be said of green peas and beans. They make many palatable and healthful dishes.

Green Corn On The Cob

Select fresh corn, as that which has been standing for even a day has lost much of its sweetness. Corn is right for use when the milk has begun to thicken, but not enough to harden the skin or hull. Remove the husks and silks, and steam in a steam-cooker or a common steamer over a kettle of boiling water for twenty or thirty minutes, according to the size of the kernels and the age of the corn. The corn that is left from dinner may be cut from the cob and used the next day in macaroni cornlet; or it may be put with an equal quantity of chopped potatoes moistened with a little nut cream and a well-beaten egg. Drop a tablespoonful at a time on oiled tins and bake in the oven.