Select sound, ripe fruit, crush, put into an enamelled saucepan on the fire, and gradually heat to about 180 deg. F., that is simmering point. Then strain through a double thickness piece of butter muslin, and allow to stand for a few hours for any sediment to settle, then pour off the clear liquid. Add sugar to flavour in the proportion of 1 cup to 1 gallon of juice. Pour the juice into hot bottles, put sterilised corks or stoppers in lightly, set bottles on rack or false bottom in steriliser, pour in water the same temperature as juice in the bottles to reach to about their necks, and sterilise at simmering point for about 30 minutes. Remove, fix in the corks tightly, and when cool dip the top of bottles into melted paraffin wax or sealing wax. (A good wax may be made by melting together equal parts of resin and beeswax). These fruit juices are excellent for use in gelatine desserts, puddings, sauces, icecream, sherbet, etc. They can be bottled without sugar and later made into jelly.