Soak 3/4 lb. prunes over-night in cold water. Cook in the same water until tender, together with a few slices of lemon, and remove stones. Soak 1 oz. gelatine in 1/2 cup water and dissolve in the hot prunes, cut into small pieces. Remove the slices of lemon and add 2/3 cup of sugar and stir until dissolved. Decorate a mould with halves of blanched almonds and cover almonds with seeded prunes set aside for this purpose. When set, add the rest of prune mixture, and leave in a cold place until firm. Turn out and serve with whipped cream or boiled custard.

Instead of slices of lemon, 1/2 cup orange marmalade may be added. Bananas cut into thin round slices also make a pretty garnish for this dish.