Orange Marmalade. - I

To one pint of finely-sliced oranges add two pints cold water and let it stand overnight. Cover the seeds, core, and all tough membrane or fibre with some of the water in a separate bowl. In the morning strain the liquid off the seeds into the bowl containing oranges, boil an hour, and let stand again until the following day. Put oranges on the fire and cook gently until tender, which will take several hours, then weigh and add sugar, allowing pound for pound, stir until dissolved, and boil one hour, or until marmalade, when tested in a saucer, forms a jelly. Put into jars, and when cook, screw on covers tightly.

Orange Marmalade. - II

Peel off the yellow rind of oranges very thinly, with as little of the white membrane as possible, and cut up into fine match-like strips. In a separate bowl put all the seeds and white membrane, and with the yellow rind put the cut up pulp of fruit. Weigh the fruit, and to every pound add a pint or two cups of water; cover also the seeds and membrane with water. Leave overnight, and the next day boil up contents of both bowls separately, then strain the water from the seeds and membrane into the fruit and water, and again leave until the next day. Measure, and to every cup allow a cup of sugar. Put fruit and water into a preserving pan and cook gently for three or four hours, or until the rind is quite tender, then add the sugar and cook fairly rapidly for about an hour and a half, or until marmalade, when tested in a saucer, forms a jelly. One or two lemons cut up finely and added to the oranges will greatly add to the flavour.