Seville Or Bitter Orange Marmalade. - I

Slice the fruit very finely, either by hand or through a machine. Put the pips in a separate basin and cover with 1/2 pint water. Weigh fruit and allow 3 pints water to l lb. fruit. Leave overnight, and next day boil till tender, adding water strained from the pips. Boil till the white pith is quite transparent and tender enough to pierce with a match or head of a pin. Stand overnight. Weigh the pulp, take an equal quantity of sugar, and boil together till it jellies (about 3/4 hour), skimming and stirring from time to time.

Seville Or Bitter Orange Marmalade. - II

Six bitter oranges, two sweet oranges, two lemons, six pints (12 cups) water, sugar. Wash and dry the oranges and lemons, then cut them into very thin strips, rejecting the seeds and tough membranes. Pour the water over the fruit and allow to stand for 24 hours. Boil until tender for two or three hours and let stand for another 24 hours. Now measure, and to each pint allow two cupfuls of sugar. Put fruit on the fire, bring to the boil, then add the sugar, and boil until clear, and, when tested in a saucer, will form a jelly.

Grape Fruit Marmalade

Follow the same directions as for Seville or Bitter Orange Marmalade I.