Canned Apple Mould

Strain off the juice from a bottle of canned apples, heat the juice over the fire and dissolve in 2 cups of the syrup, 1/2 oz. of gelatine previously soaked in a little cold water, remove from the fire and add the strained juice of a lemon and sweeten if necessary, When cool add the stiffly-beaten whites of 2 eggs and mix well. Pour into a ring mould rinsed in cold water and when set, turn out into a glass dish and place the canned apples in the centre. Serve with whipped cream.

Canned Fruit Jellied Mould

Take any canned fruit, and if somewhat hard cook until tender, then rub through a sieve and measure. To every 3 cups of pulp and juice, use 1 oz. of gelatine and soak in cold water. Heat the fruit pulp, and the softened gelatine and stir over the fire until dissolved. Remove from fire and add stiffly beaten whites of 1 or 2 eggs. Pour into a wet mould and leave until set.

Instead of egg whites, 1 cup whipped cream may be used.

Canned Apricots are delicious done this way, and if moulded with Strawberry or any red jelly in the bottom of the mould makes a pretty effect.