Grape Jam. - I

Hanepot grapes are the best. Rinse the grapes in cold water, after having been removed from the stems, drain, then weigh, and to every pound of grapes add 3/4 lb. sugar. Cover the grapes with the sugar and leave until next day, then put on a slow fire, and keep on stirring until all the sugar grains have been dissolved. Cook fairly rapidly until jam is thick and clear.

To remove the seeds, the best way is to halve the grape, after being washed, and then to take them out.

Grape Jam. - II

Weigh the grapes, after having removed them from the stems, and allow three-quarters of a pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Rinse the grapes in cold water, then add just enough water to prevent them burning, and cook for about 10 or 15 minutes, until the seeds come out easily. Skim out the seeds carefully, or rub through a sieve that is fine enough to hold back the seeds. Put the water, skins, and pulp into the preserving pan and heat slowly to boiling point. Skim the fruit, then add the sugar, and let boil for fifteen minutes.