Peach Honey

Pare, stone, and weigh the peaches, and to every four pounds of fruit allow one pound of sugar and one lemon. Place the fruit in the preserving pan and heat very slowly, without adding any water. When it is quite soft press the peaches through a fine sieve, return the pulp to the fire, add the sugar, and boil for about 20 minutes. Just before removing from the fire add the lemon juice.

Peach Jam

Use "Clingstone" peaches - the common yellow peach is the nicest for flavour. Peel and cut into chips or thin slices, then put into preserving pan with just enough water to prevent from burning - about one cupful, and allow to simmer very gently until soft and tender. Then add sugar, allowing three-quarters of a pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Cook rapidly until jam is thick and clear. A pinch of salt will be found to improve the flavour. Pour into hot sterilised jars, and cover tightly. If peaches are very sweet, 6 lbs. of sugar may be used to every 10 lbs. fruit.