Pineapple Jam

Pare and remove the eyes from the pineapple, then grate them or put through a mincing machine. Allow two-thirds its weight of sugar. Cook the pineapple until clear, then add the juice of a lemon for each pound of fruit, and the sugar. Cook rather quickly until the jam is transparent and a nice golden colour.

Pineapple And Vegetable Marrow Jam

One pineapple, six pounds vegetable marrow, 41/2 pounds of sugar, salt. Peel the vegetable marrow and cut into two-inch squares, then leave overnight in salt water, allowing one tablespoonful salt to six pints of water. Next morning, drain and dry them, put in a preserving pan, together with the sugar and pineapple, which has been peeled and the eyes removed, then cut into small squares or grate it. Cook until clear, which will take about two hours. Pour into dry, sterilised jars, and when cold seal tightly.