Banana Jam

12 large bananas, 4 oranges, 2 lemons, sugar. Peel the bananas, which should not be too ripe, then cut into round slices. To each pound of bananas add 3/4 lb. sugar, the strained juice and pulp of the oranges and lemons. Cook fairly rapidly until done, when the jam will be clear and transparent.

Blackberry Jam

Follow the same directions as for strawberry jam.

Carrot Jam

Wash and scrape 2 lb. of carrots, then cut them into dice or thin strips. Put into a saucepan with just enough water to prevent from burning, and cook until tender, then add 3 lemons cut into thin slices, and 2 lb. sugar. Cook together for three-quarters of an hour, then pour into dry sterilised jars.

Cape Gooseberry Jam

Free gooseberries from hull and stem and put into preserving pan with a little water, just enough to prevent them from burning. Simmer for about half an hour, then add sugar, allowing one pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Cook until the jam jellies and is a nice golden colour.

Green Fig Jam

Cook figs in water until tender, then drain and put through a mincing machine. Weigh, and to every pound of fruit add one pound of sugar. Cook fairly rapidly for about an hour or until jam is clear and transparent. If liked bruised ginger may be added. The jam must be stirred frequently during cooking, as it is very apt to burn.

Ripe Fig Jam

Put figs through a mincing machine, weigh, and to each pound of fruit add 3/4 lb. of sugar, then treat the same way as "Green Fig Jam."

Greengage Jam

Cook the same way as Plum Jam. The fruit is best when still on the green side.

Guava Jam

Peel the fruit, cut into pieces, and cook in a very little water until tender. Rub through a sieve, then add the same amount of sugar as pulp, and cook rapidly for about 20 to 30 minutes, or until it jellies when tested in a saucer.

Musk-Melon Or Spanish Melon Jam

To every 10 pounds melon allow five pounds sugar, seven or eight lemons, and bruised ginger. Peel off the outside rind, then cut the melon into dice, or put through a mincing machine, and cover it with the sugar. Leave overnight, and the next day put it on the fire and bring it gradually to the boil. Peel the lemons very thinly, and cut the peel into fine shreds, add to the melon, together with the juice of lemons. Cook until the melon is clear and the syrup begins to thicken. The melon should be a ripe one. (Kaffir or ordinary water-melon can be used the same way).

Mulberry Jam

Follow the directions for Strawberry Jam, using equal weights of sugar and fruit.

Plum Jam

Cut the fruit off the pips, weigh and put into the preserving pan. Add the same weight of sugar and put over the fruit, then leave until the next day, and cook fairly rapidly, after the sugar has been dissolved, for about 40 minutes, or until when tested in a saucer the jam will set.

Vegetable Marrow Jam

Three pounds vegetable marrow, three pounds sugar, one ounce ground ginger, two lemons. Peel the vegetable marrow, remove the pips, and cut into pieces about two inches long or into chips. Put into a preserving pan, add the strained juice of the lemon and the lemon rinds cut very thin, the sugar and the ginger, which should be tied in a piece of muslin. Boil until clear, which will take about an hour. Pour into sterilised jars, and when cold seal tightly.

Jam Making and Preserving.

Jam Making and Preserving.