Preserved Whole Peaches

Peel very thinly some "Clingstone" peaches, prick slightly with a darning-needle, and leave for a few hours in a salt water solution, using one tablespoonful salt to every three quarts (or six pints) of water. Then rinse the peaches in fresh water. Allow six pounds of sugar to every five pounds of fruit, put into preserving pan, the bottom of which has been rubbed with a little butter, alternate layers of fruit and sugar, then pour about 1 1/2 cups of water over. Bring gently to the boil, and cook rather quickly for an hour, then let it simmer very gently until the syrup is thick and the fruit transparent. While fruit is cooling, a little bruised ginger tied in a muslin bag may be added for flavouring.

Peach Preserve

Peel the peaches thinly, cut in halves, and remove the stones. For every ten pounds peaches allow eight pounds sugar. Put the fruit into the preserving pan oiled with a little butter, cover with sugar, and continue in layers until all the fruit and sugar have been used. Let stand overnight, and the following morning bring to boil very gently, and cook until the peaches are tender and syrup thick, then put into dry, sterilised jars, and when cold screw down lids tightly. For flavouring, a little bruised ginger tied in a muslin bag may be added while preserves are cooking, or a few cracked peach kernels.