Pare and core the quinces, then cut them into halves or quarters. After paring, drop at once into cold water into which a little lemon juice has been squeezed, which will prevent them from discolouring, or, in the absence of lemons use salt water. Cook the quinces slowly in sufficient boiling water to cover them until they are tender enough to be pierced with a reed. Then drain off the water, and add the peel, cores, and pips to the water. Let boil together slowly for half an hour, then strain through a double thickness butter-muslin, and for every cup of liquid allow one cup of sugar. If to be clarified, use the white and shell of an egg and follow directions for "Clarifying Syrup." Bring syrup to the boil, add the quinces, and cook gently until the fruit is thoroughly preserved. Fill into dry, sterilised jars, and screw the lids down tightly.