Use small, firm, yellow or red tomatoes, and allow one pound sugar to every pound of fruit; prick them with a darning-needle, and then steep them for 15 or 20 minutes in a solution of salt water, using a tablespoonlful of salt to every three quarts (or six pints) of cold water, or lime-water, allowing 1 teaspoon lime to that amount of water. Rinse the fruit in fresh water, and drain thoroughly. Rub the bottom of preserving pan with a little butter, pour in about half a cup of water, then put in a layer of fruit and cover with sugar. Continue until all the fruit and sugar have been used. Bring slowly to the boil until sugar is thoroughly dissolved, then cook fairly rapidly for about two hours, or until fruit is transparent. During the cooking add a few pieces of bruised ginger tied in a piece of muslin. A little lemon juice may also be added.