Watermelon Preserve

Take the peel of a ripe watermelon. Peel off the green outer rind and remove most of the pink portion of the fruit on the inside. Prick each piece thoroughly with a fork, then cut into the desired shapes. Steep the rind for 12 hours in a solution of lime-water, using one tablespoonful of lime to every three quarts (or six pints) of cold water. Then rinse the peel thoroughly in fresh water, drain, and boil in water gently for about half an hour. In the meantime dissolve the sugar in boiling water, allowing six pounds of sugar to every five pounds of peel and three cups of water to every cup of sugar. Add the peel drained from the water and cook gently until the peel is clear and transparent. While fruit is cooking two ounces bruised whole ginger or stick cinnamon, tied up in a muslin bag, may be added for flavouring.

Kaffir Watermelon Preserve

Treat the same way as Watermelon Preserve, excepting that after being removed from lime-water and thoroughly rinsed in several waters, the peel should not be parboiled but dropped straight away into boiling syrup and allowed to cook gently until clear and transparent. If liked a small piece of alum the size of a large pea may be added to give it the desired crispness.