2 gallons ripe apricots. 3 tablespoonfuls powdered cloves. 1 gallon cider vinegar. 2 lbs. (4 cups) brown sugar. 3 tablespoonfuls powdered mace. 1/2 pint (1 cup) grated horseradish. 3 tablespoonfuls powdered allspice. 1 teaspoonful salt. 3 tablespoonfuls powdered cinnamon. 3 tablespoonfuls powdered ginger.

Wash and wipe the apricots, put them into a clean saucepan, add a little cold water and cook them for one hour.

Drain and rub them through a colander or press through a fruit press to remove the stones and the skins.

Add the vinegar, sugar, salt, grated horseradish, powdered cinnamon, powdered cloves, powdered mace, powdered allspice and powdered ginger, return to the pan and cook slowly for three hours, stirring occasionally, then pour into sterilized bottles and seal.

Keep in a cool dark place.