4 1/2 lbs. ripe blackberries. 3/4 lb. lump sugar. 1 1/4 pints (2 1/2cups) vinegar. 2 inches cinnamon stick. 1 1/2 lbs.(3 cups) granulated sugar. 12 cloves. Few slices horseradish. 1 small piece whole ginger.

Tie the spices in a muslin bag, then put them into the vinegar in an enameled saucepan and boil for twenty minutes, keeping the lid on. Pick and wash the berries, drain, and bring them to the boil with the lump sugar. Draw to the side of the stove, stir in the granulated sugar, previously heated in the oven, and add vinegar and spices.

Simmer from twenty to thirty minutes, taking special care not to break the fruit, then place the berries in an unglazed stone jar, and cover them to the depth of fully an inch with the liquor reduced to a thick, rich syrup.

Place the horseradish on the top.

This pickle is excellent for serving with game, roast and grilled meats.