36 stalks celery. 2 heads white cabbage. 12 large green peppers. 12 large red peppers. 24 small white onions. 6 large onions. Salt. 1/2 lb. ground mustard. 1/2 pint (1 cup) olive oil. 1/2 lb. (1 cup) sugar. 1/2 oz. powdered mace. 1/2 oz. powdered ginger. 1/2 oz. mustard seeds. 1 tablespoonful turmeric. Vinegar.

Cut the celery into very small pieces; shred the cabbage and the peppers. Scald the green peppers in vinegar. Put these ingredients into a large basin, add the small onions and the large onions sliced. Pack in a large earthenware jar with alternate layers of salt. Put a plate with a heavy weight on it on the top and let it remain for three days; then drain thoroughly.

Make a dressing by mixing the ground mustard with the olive oil, add the sugar, mace, ginger, mustard seeds and turmeric. Mix this dressing well through the vegetables and add sufficient hot vinegar to cover. Keep the pickle in the jar in a cool place for one week, then fill jars with it, adding more vinegar.